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Video Game Tributes

Video Game Tributes are handsized momento's to games from an era where there were no digital downloads, Sony made Walkmans and A: was Microsofts contribution to cutting edge graphics. Designs created to bring back those 80's feelings of flicking through the pages of Zzap, Crash or the local arcade when games were fresh, new and not part of the mass market. Each Tribute is a hand crafted piece of art. The logo is hand traced and carved. The background layered, rolled, cut and shaped by hand. After many hours of work the finished tribute is fired, glazed, signed and numbered. With over fifty designs available and that number growing each week Rob hopes to provide averyone that loved games from the retro era with a title they have a special affinity too.

Handmade by Rob Buckley, each is constructed from the highest quality polymer clays. Each tribute is a free standing design based on a classic game or gaming series from the 80's or early 90's and vary from thirteen to eighteen centimeters in height. Rob has now created over five hundred unique retro tributes and hopes to make many hundreds more over the coming years.

Rob Buckley is well known within certain parts of the retro scene for having been both a coder and publisher since the late 80's. Having owned and run Radical software and coding on games for various publishers such as Universal, Vivendi, Disney & THQ. Now he combines his love of all things retro with his love of modelling and sculpting

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